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Tapping for Menopause with Karen Lewis

Nov 1 2010 Interview with Jessica Ortner, The Tapping Insiders Club


Presentation at

EFT Northern Gathering January 2011

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 Going through MENOPAUSE and plagued by TROUBLESOME SYMPTOMS?

Wish you could find HORMONAL BALANCE?


BUT worried about the SAFETY of using the synthetic hormones of HRT (Hormonal Replacement Therapy)?

Looking for a NATURAL, SIMPLE, QUICK and EASY-to-apply alternative to HRT?

If I told you that there is a new drug-free, easily learned self-help technique to relieve, if not actually eliminate, the frequency and intensity of those symptoms, would you be interested?

READ ON to learn more!

Are you FED UP with the uncomfortable and annoying symptoms that herald menopause, your “change of life”, including...

•   You turn lobster red and feel like you’re on fire

•   You wake in the night, so dripping wet that you need to change your night      clothes AND your bed clothes (assuming you can get to sleep in the FIRST      place?)

•   You don’t know when your next monthly period is going to arrive

•   Your love life is non-existent

•   You’re stressed with the children leaving home, (or coming back to the      nest); anxious about your relationship with your husband or partner;      burdened with caring for elderly or ailing parents?

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if you could control your symptoms naturally, so that you can once again feel cool, calm, self-confident and enjoy to the full a happy and fulfilling life...

... all WITHOUT taking hormones?


Before delving into the site, and starting to use the information you find here, I would draw your attention to the Disclaimer information.

I am Karen, a complementary health practitioner who has been dealing with the problems of menopausal women for over 14 years.

During this time I have shown many women how they can take control of their symptoms and bring back a sense of self-empowerment and self-worth.

More recently, I’ve reached the menopausal stage myself and have been able to put my own approach to the test.

It’s working for me, and you could find it helps you, too!

I originally started out as a Medical Herbalist and Aromatherapist, using herbs and lifestyle changes to help women help themselves.  Over the years I have added Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Reiki to my qualifications.

Having a deep interest in the more natural, holistic approach to health, with especial emphasis on being pro-active rather than reactive, I much prefer to take the preventive approach where possible.

In addition, I have been working with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) since September 2006. 

These simple finger ‘tapping’ techniques on the body’s acupuncture meridian points have been extremely helpful to me in a huge number of ways, enabling me to overcome obstacles in my life that have prevented me from moving forward with confidence and joy.

As I also began to become more and more aware of menopausal symptoms affecting me, I found it extremely useful for dealing with them, effectively, as they arose.

My enthusiasm for this approach has been furthered as some of my menopausal clients have also found that EFT has been very useful in helping with their symptoms!


Menopause is a natural process that all women must go through should they wish to reach at least their ‘three score year and ten’; although the way it is talked about in parts of the media, it sounds more like some terrible deficiency disease.


I have read a lot around the subject of Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT – the pros and the cons (I am a firm believer in people making INFORMED choices; what suits me may not necessarily be best for you!) - and have concluded that it is not a way for me to personally follow.

Unfortunately, for many women, the replacement of naturally reducing levels of hormones with relatively mega-doses of synthetic hormones (HRT) is NOT the answer to their problems, and recent research tends to suggest that HRT may actually be more of a liability than a help.

The uncertainty about the actual, rather than perceived benefits, of HRT can make it very difficult for a woman to know which path to take when she starts upon her menopausal journey.

Even if the risk is small, do you still want to take the chance that you might have to worry about breast, ovarian or endometrial cancer, heart problems, stroke or thrombosis as time goes by?

However, it is most fortunate that you can, in fact, do a lot to help yourself using natural techniques that do not rely on medication ruling, and possibly abusing, your body.

As a personal example - around about 2002 I went through a period of heart flutters. I visited my GP to be checked out (always to be recommended if you are unsure of any medical symptoms!  and it was found to be a benign ectopic heart beat, put down to hormonal fluctuations.

The flutters would come and go, and I would remember to take my herbal remedies while it was happening. Then, in 2006, once I had done my introductory level in EFT, the next time I had a heart flutter incident I was ready for it.

I began to tap away at the various meridian acupoints. I was amazed at how swiftly it resolved. A remedy, constantly at my fingertips, totally natural, safe and above all, effective!


This ‘psychological acupuncture without the needles’, more commonly known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is one of the “energy psychology” or “energy meridian therapies” similar to acupuncture or acupressure.

EFT was developed by a Stanford University Engineering graduate, Gary Craig, in the early 1990s, as a simplified process of TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

Although these techniques are relatively new, their roots stretch back to the times of ancient Chinese and Japanese acupuncture and acupressure methods.

This approach is a psycho-emotional form of acupuncture, but instead of using needles, you tap with your fingertips upon certain acupuncture points on the face, upper body and hands.

This approach addresses the underlying energetic patterns and the goal is to bring back balance and harmony within your energetic field. In turn, this can have positive effects on the body’s physiology.  Get the body’s energy field balanced and flowing without disruption, and the body can naturally heal itself.

It may seem a very odd way to deal with the symptoms of menopause, but this novel approach can afford a NATURAL ALTERNATIVE to HRT as we work with the energy structure that underlies the emotions that may create the symptoms.

This approach is a universal one, based on the premise that the cause of all negative emotions (which can also manifest as all sorts of physical problems) is a disruption in the body’s energy system (Gary Craig).

The finger tapping sets up a vibration that stimulates the acupuncture point, in a similar way that the acupuncture needles do. By working on these meridian points, the body’s energy system can be reset, with harmony and balance restored.

As a result of using EFT you may well find yourself with:

•   an increase in  SELF-ESTEEM

•   improvements in HEALTH, ENERGY  and FOCUS

EFT has been found to relieve:

•   Stress and anxiety

•   Chronic pain

•   Plus many other problems and issues, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL



To date, there appear to be no harmful side-effects in the application of EFT, and, although so far, most of the evidence is anecdotal, many thousands of people world-wide have benefited from using EFT for many health issues, including menopause. 


From my personal experience so far, and reports from the EFT Universe site, it would seem that: 

•   EFT as an approach for menopause is novel and drug-free.

•   EFT has no reported side-effects and does no harm to the body, unlike      HRT.

•   EFT has the potential to do great good, if you are persistent and consistent      in its application.

•   EFT is always at your fingertips; whenever you need it, it’s there!

•   EFT can be a powerful technique for dealing with the background EMOTIONAL CAUSES of your symptoms, triggers which are not usually acknowledged by current medical thinking at this time.

EFT can help you to regain hormonal balance, and being drug-free, is far safer than using HRT (Hormonal Replacement Therapy). It provides a different approach, a quick and simple, natural alternative to HRT

It is true that EFT is so relatively new in the healing arena that it is often the case that people are unfamiliar with it. Some people will say that they have seen hypnotherapist Paul McKenna use a ‘tapping’ technique, a precursor to EFT, in his work, but most people have no idea what it’s all about.

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, talks about EFTrepresenting a Doorway to a new Healing High-Rise”. I know that when I took my first few halting steps through that doorway, I was really rather lost.

The most difficult thing was trying to get my head around the Setup Phrase(s) or Statements to be used. I would have loved to have had access to information that helped me to come up with those Setup Phrases!

Now that I am far more familiar with these techniques, I find I come up with Setup Phrases all the time, for all sorts of issues.  

But recalling how lost I felt at first, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a reference that might be of help to those others who might only just be peering around that doorway, wondering if this might be something for them.

You can take a very simplistic approach and just work on the physical effects of the menopause symptoms.

Or you can become a little more involved by working on the ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’ that come up for you when you experience the symptoms and work from there.

With only very little application you can soon find that you get some very satisfactory results.

Some ladies have reported back to me their experiences. You can see a sample of what they say in the left side bar.

A rather interesting bit of feedback came from one of my ‘guinea pigs’, who is actually a gentleman! This goes to reinforce the above comments about how global an application EFT can be. You can try it on just about anything, or anyone!

THE RESULT of my experiences and work over the past few years ...

With nearly 400 Setup Phrases to start you on your way...



‘A manual of information on EFT and lifestyle solutions providing natural alternatives to HRT for the relief of the symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, palpitations, weight gain and anxiety.’


... teaches you how to apply these techniques   to reduce or even eliminate those annoying symptoms.

You will also discover how the use of EFT can lead to an increase in your energy levels and help you feel EMOTIONALLY FREE of many of the anxieties of life that can get you down.

This eBook aims to be a ‘How to…’ manual, giving you all you need to be able to use this deceptively simple and elegant technique to inform, empower and enable yourself as you find your way on your Menopause Journey.  



•   a brief overview of the EFT BASIC RECIPE TAPPING ROUTINE

•   a STORE OF INFORMATION on how to manage the most common     menopausal symptoms, loosening their hold on your life

•   385 SETUP PHRASES to get you on your way 

From this eBook:

•   You can LEARN a little about the physiological processes that result in      these symptoms. Why do they happen, and how many women are affected?

•   You can LEARN a little about the possible psycho-emotional elements that      may have contributed to these symptoms.

•   You will see how YOUR BELIEFS and ATTITUDES may be having a      profound effect on your body’s physiology and hormonal system.

•   You will LEARN the simple and easy to apply techniques required to calm      and balance those jiggling hormones.

•   Don’t   know where to start with working out what Setup Phrases you should      use? Don’t worry!  LET ME TAKE YOU BY THE HAND AND LEAD YOU      THROUGH THE PROCESS! Includes 385 possible Setup Phrases to      start you on your way.

•   You will DISCOVER the common-sense lifestyle changes that can make      so much difference, covering: 


Diet and Nutrition



Bad habits and addictive behaviour, e.g. smoking and weight issues

•   You can LEARN how to bring healing and harmony to your life.

•   You can empower and enable yourself.

•   You will find a safe and natural alternative to HRT!

•   You are given a list of resources, including web site addresses, reading lists      and details of where to get products mentioned in the eBook.

ALL of this knowledge can be yours, at your fingertips, to use whenever you need it.

With just a few clicks, you can download your copy of   MENOPAUSE – HORMONAL BALANCE WITH EFT and start reading and tapping  almost as soon as you receive it. 

In addition to your eBook you will also receive a copy of my EFT Manual, giving you all the background knowledge you need to start using and applying EFT.

“Balance Your Life With EFT - A Manual of EFT”

This is my version of an EFT manual, 93 pages giving you an introduction into how to use EFT practically everywhere in your life.

It gives a brief history of the background of EFT and includes details of the Discovery Statement and Psychological Reversal.

It goes a little into how important your beliefs and attitudes are in the shaping of your life expectations.

It then goes on to inform you how you can use EFT via the Basic Recipe, including photos showing the Tapping Point Positions.

There are sections on ways you can help yourself; bad habits such as cravings and addictions (smoking, weight, chocolate); phobias; and physical symptoms.

Furthermore, if you have any problems along the way, you can contact me for a FREE 15 minute telephone mini personal consult to see if we can get you pointed in the right direction.

You can download this eBook to your computer for

GB £14.99  (approx.  US $24.00)

Ordering Is Easy and Secure . . .

to order


CLICK ON THE BUY NOW  BUTTON, and you’ll be taken to a Paypal secure order page. This ensures that your order information is kept completely confidential—only Paypal and your credit card company access the information.

PLEASE NOTE:  This eBook is NOT a direct download. On receipt of your order, it will be manually processed and you will receive an email with an attachment providing the PDF download of your eBook, within 24 hours at most. My apologies, but this is  due to the ridiculous change in the tax laws which would require me to become VAT-registered should any direct download sales be made from within the EU.

If you get stuck, or would like a private consultation, my contact details are available in the eBook.

You can read this eBook online but you can also print off a copy for your own personal use, any time, any place, any where. You will find you will use this as a reference over and over. 

This offer comes with a 100%, no-hassles, no-questions-asked, one year  money-back guarantee.  

Examine and use this eBook manual. Once you have tried these techniques and experienced the benefits, I am confident that you will not want to ask for your money back.  

If, however, having put these principles into play, you get no results, or the eBook does not live up to your expectations, you will not be losing out. Just contact us, let us know what you didn’t like, and a no-quibble refund will be arranged. 

I am sure, however, that you won’t regret your decision to buy this eBook. 

I look forward to hearing from you today.

Brightest of Blessings,

Karen Lewis                                                                                     


EFT, not HRT. Try it.

Karen Lewis has written a very accessible and useful self-help book that addresses issues arising for women at the time of the menopause.

Sensitive, informative and comprehensive, it will help any woman regain her confidence, a sense of well-being and perspective at this rich but often troubled time of life.

It offers guidance and contains many useful set-up statements to help you on the journey.

EFT, not HRT. Try it.

Martine Moorby, AAMET EFT Trainer and Spiritual Freedom Coach, Harrogate, UK


She Now Feels More Calm and Confident...

In answer to my using EFT, primarily I used it to cope with the symptoms of Menopause and its associated symptoms and found it counteracted the worst symptoms, allowing a decent night`s sleep, and a reduction in flushes which were usually brought about in stressful situations.

I also have a thyroid condition and the symptoms are similar to the menopause, again this technique supports the worst aspects of the condition.

In addition the techniques helped with a recent close bereavement and on a day to day basis.

I have adapted it within my lifestyle so stressful situations are less likely to occur, made me more calm and confident both inwardly and outwardly.” 

Jane Parks, Staffordshire, UK

This Gentleman (!) Appreciates the Positive Approach...


Over all I found the ebook very interesting and well written. In a way it reminded me of a book I read years ago “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Rev. Norman Vincent Peale. It seems that today the majority of us dwell on the negative instead of the positive. Recently a US Congressman said we are a nation of whiners and I agree. I hope that people, after reading your ebook, will have a more positive outlook on life.

Good luck with the ebook and thank you for sharing it with me.”

Bluejay ( J.T.)

This gentleman had kindly agreed to look over my work for me to give me a totally impartial 3rd party viewpoint. I had asked for answers to the following questions:

Did you find the content interesting and informative?

Yes, very informative.

Did it all make sense?  

Not knowing much about EFT, at the beginning it was slightly confusing but as I read more it became clearer.

Was it easy to follow and understand?

Yes, I specifically liked the conversational tone.

Have you had a go at applying EFT to any issues that affect you, and what difference has it made?

Not yet but as I plan on learning more about EFT I think it will be beneficial.

Would you be happy to recommend it to other people? Yes.

The Application of  EFT to Many Issues Has Reduced Her Stress Levels Significantly...

“Karen, your book is truly wonderful! I think it is fabulous.

I found the content of your book quite interesting and so informative. I haven't read anything as easy to get through and understand on the subject, even though I have read quite a few articles...

It all makes perfect sense. I found it easy to follow and understand, with the index helping to find the areas of interest, and the writing is straight-forward and to the point.

And it isn't repetitious. It is very well-written. I especially love your photos and explanation of the EFT points.

I have applied EFT to many issues. I have calmed myself down using EFT so I could finally go to the dentist and have surgery and bridgework completed.


I have also used EFT to help with a frozen shoulder, which is almost totally relieved now.

I have many family issues which I have "tapped" on for myself, which have been tremendously relieved with EFT. It has reduced my stress levels significantly! 

I also want to say that your gentle, caring and healing personal qualities come through. I like the tone and feel of it... 

I would be happy to recommend your book to other people.

Susun Cooper, Butte Valley, CA. USA